Will Matcha Caused Insomnia When Drank Before Sleep?

Matcha green tea is an excellent beverage that plays a vital role in boosting your metabolism, burning down fat, keeping you energetic and improving your mood. Additionally, it also comes with anti bacterial and anti inflammatory elements that keep you fit and active all way round. Most matcha drinkers feel that drinking a cup of matcha powder leads to a state where you are both alert and calm at the same time. They also feel that this is way better than the buzzing effect you get after drinking a cup of coffee. But can drinking matcha affect or alter your sleep pattern? This is one question which many green tea enthusiasts are driven by. So in this article, we will give you a detailed insight on the impact of match on your sleep. Fancy a great cup of Matcha? Be sure to get your organic matcha powder in Singapore by our sponsors from MatchaOrigin.com.

Matcha contains caffeine

matcha-and-caffeineYes. Matcha too contains a specific amount of caffeine. Caffeine, as we all know, is a stimulant that prevents us from feeling drowsy. Likewise, it also boosts our energy and keeps us active all way round. But caffeine has a couple of side effects as well. Consuming more than 400 mg of caffeine can lead to restlessness, insomnia, stomach upsets, diarrhea and also bouts of anxiety. The amount of caffeine a cup of match contains completely depends on the type of matcha you drink and how strong you prefer it. Nobody other than you can control the dosage of matcha. So it totally depends on you how much caffeine you are likely to consume. Typically, when a tablespoon of matcha is added to a cup of matcha tea it will contain about 40-60 mg of caffeine. Now, as we already mentioned you can regulate the amount of matcha powder you want in the tea. So the caffeine amounts you take in can also be controlled.

What exactly is the correlation between matcha and sleep?

It has been stated by many matcha enthusiasts that they get a warm fuzzy feeling after drinking a cup of matcha. This is a state where they are alert and calm at the same time. This effect is linked to a particular organic substance present in matcha. Widely known as the L-theanine, it helps you enjoy a relaxed and calm time without the drowsy or sleepy feeling. But too much of it, might affect your sleep pattern. So although it does not have any negative effect, it is your responsibility to regulate the amount of matcha you have before bedtime.

Benefits of having matcha before bedtime

bedtimeMakes you smarter- There are many benefits associated with having a cup of matcha before bed time. One of this is the very fact that matcha improves the function of your brain. This works even better when you are about to fall asleep. As caffeine is an excellent brain stimulator, it will stimulate your brain and eventually make you smarter.
Matcha improves the flow of blood- Various other nutrients along with oxygen flow through your blood stream. So by improving the flow and circulation of your blood, matcha helps in improving your overall health. It helps you stay healthy and hearty all way round.
Helps you to relax better- A cup of matcha before bedtime can help you enjoy a relaxed and fulfilling time. Although it will not make you drowsy, matcha will calm your senses by helping you to fall asleep naturally.
Helps you wake up with a fresh and lively feeling- None of us like getting out of bed, particularly in the morning. But if you have a cup of matcha, the night before there are high chances of waking up fresh, active and lively. This is because matcha infuses your body with the right kind of stimulants.

So will matcha help me sleep or keep me up?

Well, the very fact that whether matcha will keep you awake or help you to fall asleep depends on you. If you have just started with matcha, try pacing yourself with it and see how you exactly you feel after having a cup of it. Not all matcha drinkers are the same and each of them have their personal levels of caffeine tolerance. But it is safe to say that a cup of matcha before your bedtime will improve the quality of your sleep and keep you fresh the next morning.