About Carving Institute

Tradition and Mission

The Carving Institute was established by award-winning grandmasters of this inimitable culinary art.

The Carving Institute has brought Thailand’s best food artists together at the Carving Institute, where the tradition of fruit and vegetable carving or ‘Kae Sa Luk’ is kept alive.

Our professional food artists also create beautiful soap carvings, which are carefully preserved in presentation boxes, making the perfect gift for any occasion.

This innovative venture has two clearly defined goals:

1. To keep the art of Kae Sa Luk alive.

While fruit and vegetable carving is gaining in popularity globally, the long-established customs and techniques of the traditional Thai art must be passed on to future generations.

2. To impart valuable skills to our students.

Being able to turn humble fruits, vegetables and, even, soap into gorgeous pieces of art sculpture is a talent that is both financially and spiritually rewarding.