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Fruit Carving & Thai Food Art - Carving Courses

Fruit carving, vegetable carving and soap carving classes and courses - Bangkok, Thailand

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Learn fruit carving, vegetable carving and soap carving with food art classes and courses conducted by award winning experts in the traditional Thai food art of 'Kae Sa Luk.'

Learn from world class fruit carvers, who have kept this Thai food art tradition alive. Fruit carving is an art form unique to the East. Our fruit carving students range from professional chefs to hobbyists wanting to create food art for fun.


Classes take place on weekdays from 9 am until 3 pm leaving afternoons and evenings free to explore and enjoy the many and varied attractions of Bangkok. The course takes five days altogether and, for your convenience, can begin on the day of your choice. Weekend classes can also be arranged.

DAY 1- Basic Carving

How to use the carving knife and handling techniques.
How to carve various flower shapes: buds, curves, dahlia petals, sunflowers and zinnia.

DAY 2 - Intermediate Carving

Carve different rose shapes and carnations in various forms: blossom, blooming and buds.

DAY 3 - Garnishing

Carving various fruit and vegetables (cucumbers, shallots, tomatoes etc.) to make cuisine decorations.

DAY 4 - Advanced Carving

Learn the techniques of carving a blossoming rose surrounded by petals using a whole watermelon.

DAY 5 - Soap Carving & Decoration

Carve a bar of soap to form various flowers, birds, animals etc.

We are happy to tailor the curriculum according to your wishes and requirements. We can create special courses that address particular needs such as advanced techniques, soap carving only, shorter time frames etc.

We are also able to cover other specialist subjects such as traditional Thai cooking, Thai dessert making and banana leaf folding.

Please call Alex at (+66) (0) 84 932 7811 or email to discuss developing a training program specifically for you.

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